Getting my story down has always been important to me.
Sometimes I use words, other times I use color and marks.
Either way it is up to me to tell it like only I know how.
— Rae Missigman

so i went & wrote a book // join me for a journey in mark making 

In Paint, Play, Explore, I will help you discover those marks that define you as an artist. Through page after page of creative exploration, you'll become a collector of tools--traditional and unconventional mark-makers that will become an extension of your unique voice, you'll become a tinkerer as you recycle and repurpose, striving to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary and you'll become an explorer as you follow creative prompts to widen and shape your artistic world.

Whether you're just starting your creative adventure or you're looking to break through to the next level, Paint, Play, Explore will set you in motion. Filled with an upbeat vibe and joyful use of color, this book will push you to find your own beautiful artistic "fingerprint" and help you to create work that is interesting, full of life and distinctly yours...and above all, to embrace the journey.